Walking to the shops ‘damages planet more than going by car’

Sometimes it is actually very good to see an article that discusses alternative sides of the environmental debate … But in its simplest terms, this “thought provoking!!?” (bit of fun) basically says eat less, move less and produce less carbon!!?

Well, yes, that is the headline grabbing conclusion, however I think the average person probably understands that *whatever* we do has an affect on the environment and reducing our carbon footprint goes hand in hand with finding ways to off set the carbon we produce. Therefore the message in the article is actually rather interesting and offers a more realistic answer to the problem; its just that in this consumer culture we live in the average person may find it hard to accept: demand less, use less and live a truly sustainable life style.

Most detailed pictures of earth, ever !!

NASA have released a set of images which they say are the most detailed pictures of the Earth ever produced.  Be this as it may there is no question that they are both spectacular and beautiful.  See them here

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Science experiments for you and the kids