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Release of the new Skids live album

Today sees the release of the Skids live album, which is something, IMHO, is long over due and a very welcome addition to any CD collection.  If you are not familiar with the band then they were a punk rock/new wave 4 piece from Dunfermline in Scotland and founded by Stuart Adamson (guitar, vocals), Richard Jobson (vocals), Tom Kellichan (drums) and Willie Simpson (bass).  One of their songs “Saints are coming” was recently covered by U2 and Green day which kinda led to the unearthing and release of this live album.  I only ever saw the band live once during Stuart Adamson’s tribute concert (after he committed suicide) where is son Calum took his fathers place and the original line up where back after a long time away —- increadble concert and sorry I never saw them before then.

Masquerade Masquerade: the Skids Live [Live] is out now and bloody good !!!!!

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