Secunia Personal Software Inspector

Secunia Personal Software Inspector (Secunia PSI) is a free (for personal use) security vulnerability scanner for software installed locally on your machine.  PSI will inspect installed software and report back on such things as known vulnerabilies, known updates, end of life applications, etc.  Part of the beauty of this service is that it will help you to download and patch anything which it considers to be a threat, so no messing around trying to find the patches; plus you only need to run it when you want (though it can be configured to run full time if you want).

From the home page:

The Secunia PSI protects against software vulnerabilities 527,821 users have already installed the Secunia PSI and 45,228,804 user applications are currently monitored.”

I will post comments as I continue to test this, but you can get your copy here


Tech alternatives to waterboarding

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Flickr Vision

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Dramatic Lemur

enough said !!!  

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Global warming Mindmap

I did not do this, simply passing on the good word.  The original can be found here


Excellent Mindmap if I do say so myself.

USB cooler

What to do with all those old CDs and DVDs … use PLENTY of glue now or the thing will spin off and make a mess  🙂

Is HDD disk encryption "really" secure any more

I came across two articles in the last few days which show that disk encryption is perhaps more vulenarable to a successful attack than previously thought.

Article 1

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