Another impressive ipod utility

If you have TiVo, Windows Media Center, SageTV or some other device to capture TV content, iPodifier will automatically grab the content from these sources and put it on your iPod, nicely organized into video playlists.  Its for Windows only.

Floola ipod cross platform manager

Floola is an ipod manager which needs no installation, i.e. it can run straight from your ipod, it runs over Linux, Windows and OSX, it has many features such as playlists, lyrics support, podcasts, notes, copy and artwork, oh and plus video too.

Want to know the best bit —- its Freeware.

I have been using Anapod Explorer for a while now and really like it a lot but there is no Linux version, so I can’t jump between work and home PCs at the moment ….. Floola may be a work around….

iTunes copy protection ‘cracked’

This is interesting, very interesting …. the technology for 3rd parties to “create” iTunes compatible devices and Apple may not have the power to stop them ……. need to do more digg’n into this, but the implications sound huge.

ipod resource

I’ve not had my iPod long, but finally joined the ranks and bought a 5G 60gb video which I have to say is pretty cool. iLounge is a damn good resource for all things iPod and iPod like.

Stream iTunes to your wireless devices

Streaming audio and video to your wireless devices just got a whole lot easier