Web2.0 fun

Want a WEB2.0 name — then this should help

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Feedburner is another way to get noticed in the blogging and blogcast world. THe site is a provider of media distribution and audience engagement service for blogs and RSS feeds … some big names on there and looks like a big social network.

Spotback news web site

SpotBack is a personalized news WEB site which, like MANY other personalized news WEB sites, lets you trawl through the news in areas of interest to you. You can set up news alerts to an email account filtered by key tags as well but what seems cool is the ability to follow music news, which if they have any mp3 links attached to will play for you. Nice idea.

Live Writer works with the new Blogger

This being a Blogger account i was disappointed when Blogger.Beta stopped working with Microsoft Live Writer (MLW). I’ve just gone through a PC rebuild and installed the latest MLW and it all works again. Not sure if this is simply becuase the new Blogger is out of Beta or if MLW now supports the new Blogger (it fell in a heap when I tried to connect the two previously) …. either way it works and all is good.