Real life test of Internet banking security

I have just read with some interest and quiet amusement that UK TV presenter, author and newspaper columnist Jeremy Clarkson has lost money after publishing his bank account details in the UK national press.  Story goes that he was commenting on the loss of 25 million people’s data on two government CDs which had gone missing, here, apparently writing that:

“All you’ll be able to do with them is put money into my account. Not take it out. Honestly, I’ve never known such a palaver about nothing,” he told readers.

So, he published is own account details and how to find his address.

What happened?

Well, someone has since opened a direct debit for £500 from his account and into the account of the charity, Diabetes UK.  Seems the bank can’t tell him who did it due to the Data Protection Act and cannot prevent it happening again.

My quiet amassment is not that it happened to him but that someone followed this through and highlighted what can happen when you are haphazard with personal details and set yourself up for a fall.  Whether this was a direct result of an anonymous reader getting hold of the details or a close friend “playing a joke” the punishment is fitting. 

Good charitable cause, I hope the direct debit stays !!!

Original BBC report.