QUECHUP social networking

Well, I stumbled apon another social networking site called Quechup which came to me as an invite.  I was talking to the friend that sent it to me and they were telling me that he never actually sent out any “invites” … it turns out that as part of their registration process Quechup will helpfully offer to search your mailbox to find any contacts who are currently on Quechup and add them for you.  However, it also then sends out an invite to all your contacts in such a way that it looks like you personally sent the mail.  Two things strike me about this, firstly that’s just spamming by another means and pretty sneaky.  Secondly, who the HE*L gives out their mailbox password to a random WEB site as part of registration …. have people learned nothing about WEB security !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have not read the Quechup T&C or privacy agreement nor have I tried this myself, but I can’t think of anything which would make me feel safe about giving my mail password over to anyone.

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