XP Powertoys (MSVDM) and Office 2007

I am a fan of the XP PowerToys and find the Virtual Desktop Manager (MSVDM) a very useful addon.  MSVDM allows you to have 4 separate desktops; including individual wallpaper and start bars, allowing the user to organise their busy desktops.  The whole thing is controlled via shortcut keys or menus and includes an over view shot to help find windows you may have misplaced.  May not be a eye popping as Beryl on Linux, but its still a good tool on XP.

However, I have found an interesting (annoying bug) when you use this with Access 2007 or Excel 2007 in that when the desktop with either application looses focus the ribbon bar disappears when you switch back to that desktop.  I have tested this with other Office 2007 applications but Access and Excel seem to be the only ones with the issue, which in itself is very strange.  The application and any work is still loaded but not very useful without any menus or icons !!

Has anyone else noticed this?

Still testing so will post more if anything else comes to light.

I agree that it is not a particularly common set up, (XP + Office 2007 + MSVDM) but it is starting to get annoying and I would rather not have to sacrifice MSVDM.


7 Responses to “XP Powertoys (MSVDM) and Office 2007”

  1. Brian Says:

    Yes, I am having this problem as well with the Office 2007, WinXP and MSVDM setup. I don’t have Access, but it is doing it in Excel.

  2. Jim Says:

    Interestingly, if you minimize the Excel window before switching desktops, when you come back and restore the window, the ribbon is there.

  3. blackhatspider Says:

    Thanks for the tip Jim; I will check that on my own setup as well. Much apprecaited.

  4. EZ Says:

    I’m getting the same error with the same setup – XP Pro, MSVDM, Office 2007. I don’t use Access, but this happens to me all the time in Excel. I thought I was the only one. Thanks for the tip about minimizing the application.

  5. AP Says:

    Same issue/error with Excel 2003+SP3 on XPPro+SP2 with MSVDM. Also, minimizing Excel “prevents” the issue/error.

  6. syntaxerrormmm Says:

    Hi all, I’m experiencing this exact problem, thanks for the ‘minimisation’ tip. Office 2007 Enterprise on Windows XP Professional, MSVDM 1.00.0001. Maybe it’s a feature [http://globalnerdy.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/12/bug_vs_feature.gif]

  7. Herman Says:

    Well, don’t expect ms to fix it. They still haven’t fixed the problem with disappearing wallpapers when the temp folder is emptied. This problem dates back to at least 2003.

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