Passion-Centric or Object-Oriented community sites

Social networking sites are huge … how obviously is that statement !!!!   but I came across another side to this upsurge of sites which are known as “Passion-Centric” or “Object-Oriented”.  Lets paint the picture: “A San Francisco native who loves the beach, parks, running and dancing, Marco has easily made connections over the Internet, racking up 5,200 on his profile. Not bad for a 4-year-old Miniature Schnauzer.”

Marco is just one of thousands of dogs with a WEB profile on – which is simply an online community featuring pet photos, pet videos, diaries, tips etc etc etc.  Its sister site,, is the same thing for cat lovers and apparently pets are not the only thing targetted … is for, well, sneakers (trainers, runnng shoes .. whatever).

These are places for people with particular passions to share that passion and have a bit of fun … not just swap names, photos or “collect” friends.

I’m sure there are other passions represented …. but you may have to clear your browser cache afterwards !!  🙂


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