Scottish exams body and the missing ‘S’

It looks as though the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) , who are responsible for the development, accreditation, assessment and certification of qualifications, other than academic degrees, in Scotland, decided that their Website, where some exam results would be posted, should be a secure HTTPS connection. Excellent, a positive move to help ensure that the security of students’ results would be preserved…. except they apparently made this decision after a number of letters giving a link which excluded the ‘S’ had already been posted to many candidates. So not only were they having to cope with helping some 3000 students remember their own login details but they also had to help with the link challenge as well. There is now a page redirect (can’t say when that went live) but it will be interesting to see who blames who for not reading their own published letters.

The full story is here as are links to other reports of access problems. While this move is to be applauded as a positive use of technology the lessons to be learned seem perhaps rather obvious???

Imagine a computerised election process in Scotland ….. oh, wait … they had that fiasco as well !!!!


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