Live ID and Microsoft Passport rant

Ok, so I don’t use Messenger that much, but I just tried to log on and it refused my details.  I noticed that the new messenger password box only allows a limit of 16 characters and my details were longer.  I use Technet quite a bit so tried logging in there with the details and same thing, limited to 16 characters !!!!!   I had to go through the process of changing my password to get in.  16 characters may seem a lot but for those of us who are now in the habit of using pass phrases rather than passwords it really limits what you can use.

Ok, so this isn’t really a rant but it annoys me that some WEB sites limit the range and/or length of characters you can use for logging in and I never expected this from Microsoft.


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One Response to “Live ID and Microsoft Passport rant”

  1. blackhatspider Says:

    I just revisted this in case I was going mad … but no, passport (sorry, Windows LIVE) accounts now appear limited to 16 characters or less, but have to be greater than 8 characters and cannot contain spaces. My old password did not contain spaces however it was greater then 16 characters so this “limitation” I know is a recent change … as for the greater than 8 but no spaces allowed, well, this could have been set from the begining .. I cannot comment.
    I have tried this through creating an account on an OfficeLive domain that I have as well as creating a new Windows Live account and both have these limits, which is something you would expect.

    Will try to find out more.

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