Personality tests and tools

This is a very good little site with many personality tests and tools for you to play with.

Release of the new Skids live album

Today sees the release of the Skids live album, which is something, IMHO, is long over due and a very welcome addition to any CD collection.  If you are not familiar with the band then they were a punk rock/new wave 4 piece from Dunfermline in Scotland and founded by Stuart Adamson (guitar, vocals), Richard Jobson (vocals), Tom Kellichan (drums) and Willie Simpson (bass).  One of their songs “Saints are coming” was recently covered by U2 and Green day which kinda led to the unearthing and release of this live album.  I only ever saw the band live once during Stuart Adamson’s tribute concert (after he committed suicide) where is son Calum took his fathers place and the original line up where back after a long time away —- increadble concert and sorry I never saw them before then.

Masquerade Masquerade: the Skids Live [Live] is out now and bloody good !!!!!

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Try this

Nose-ify yourself

Its coming up to red nose day and Comic Relief have come up with a site where you can stick your red nose on.

Go on, go on go on go on go on go on go on, go ON

Test from live writer to my new wordpress blog

It is nice when technology just works and I seem to be experiencing this right now ……. just setting up Live Writer beta to talk to this new blog and I have to say there has been no kicking or screaming.

From Live Writer menu bar choose WebLog, “Add WebLog account”

Simply go through the wizard prompts and tell Live Writer your blog details

The template which is used from wordpress on live writer has some overlaps on the title bar, but it all looks good.

Live Writer is certainly turning out to be a very VERY good free Microsoft product and with the TAG intergration it is damn easy to build blog entries.

I know the Live Writer is not the only blog software out there by any means, but it just feels nice to use.

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Its been a long day and just as I was heading off to bed I picked up on a free tool for creating tumblelogs. Tumblr lets you quickly build a blog and post thoughts, photos, videos, quotes, links and conversations to it in a no messing, easy manner.

Yip its free and yes I’m there 

twitter me .. twitter you .. twitter anyone

twitter is a fast paced mini blog which enables you to update your friends, family and practically anyone else on the planet on your where’abouts, your thoughts, random ramblings and just about anything else you want to share.  You can use IM, SMS or WEB to post and its quick, easy and very popular !!!

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