Java password generator

Zarate labs has a JAVA based password generator here called SuperGenPass. It basically takes a “master” password and then uses a one-way hash function based on ths master password and the WEB site domain you happen to be reading to generate a unique password.

Full instructions are here …. really easy to use by all accounts !!

SendUit file shareing service

There are many occasions when you may need to send large files where email is probably not practical …. SendUit is a great little service which allows you to do just that.

Upload your files (100mb limit) set the download time (how long will the file be available) then send your secure URL to the people who need to download the file.

Their privacy policy is here

Live Writer works with the new Blogger

This being a Blogger account i was disappointed when Blogger.Beta stopped working with Microsoft Live Writer (MLW). I’ve just gone through a PC rebuild and installed the latest MLW and it all works again. Not sure if this is simply becuase the new Blogger is out of Beta or if MLW now supports the new Blogger (it fell in a heap when I tried to connect the two previously) …. either way it works and all is good.

Vista DreamScene

Windows Dreamscene is an animated wallpaper and video technology for Microsoft Vista Ultimate, (note: It is ONLY for Ultimate). It is part of the Ultimate Extras package and runs on top of Aero Glass and apparently does not take up a lot of CPU usage. I have not tried it yet but the idea is very simply that you can use video as desktop backgrounds, be that some of the free samples that come with the package or use your own.
I intend to try it out soon, so will post some thoughts and findings then