Very useful list of cheat sheets

Whether you are trying to bluff your way through a software product or want to remind yourself of some actions then here is a great list of cheatsheets for a load of software titles


iTunes copy protection ‘cracked’

This is interesting, very interesting …. the technology for 3rd parties to “create” iTunes compatible devices and Apple may not have the power to stop them ……. need to do more digg’n into this, but the implications sound huge.

Yahoo time capsule project

Yahoo are running a time capsule project which, going by the blurb on the home page:

For 30 days, from October 10 until November 8, Yahoo! users worldwide can contribute photos, writings, videos, audio — even drawings — to this electronic anthropology project.”

I blogged about the “Britain’s biggest blog” (see below), but this seems much grander somehow.

IT Security community in the UK

A nice forum for those interested in IT security; those looking to enhance their secruity knowledge and those with generally more sence than money when it comes to IT security

Anatomically correct Second Life skin

Been playing Second Life for a wee while now and although I still dont understand what you are suppose to be doing I do fancy dressing the avatar in one of these though. I don’t think that Miss Kim (who created them) has posted the How To yet 😦

Game exhibition in London Science Museum

The title says it all really ……………. click here for more info

I need to find a work reason to go to London between those dates 🙂

But, there is a cool wee game on the site to keep you entertained even if you cannot go.

Vista RC2 is coming…………

………… but going on this report in cnet this release has no new features but instead some new fit and finish additions …. yet its still not ready for GOLD release?

Look forward to see it for myself.