The 46 best-ever Freeware utils

These lists pop up all the time … but it is always worth a read to see if there is something you may be missing.

A good list here and some fantastic products mentioned.

ipod resource

I’ve not had my iPod long, but finally joined the ranks and bought a 5G 60gb video which I have to say is pretty cool. iLounge is a damn good resource for all things iPod and iPod like.

Horse Head Pillow

This made me laugh — a pillow shaped like a horses head

Relive THAT moment from The GodFather or just simply have a wonderfull conversation piece

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Windows Vista step-by-step guides for IT professionals

As Vista looms (RC1 has been around for a wee while now) the following documents are a must for those of us who will deply, migrate, support and play with the new OS from Microsoft.

Science experiments for you and the kids

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Stream iTunes to your wireless devices

Streaming audio and video to your wireless devices just got a whole lot easier